07 0CT | Mary Carmen Muiños, new vice president of the Beauty Cluster

Barcelona, October 7, 2021. The Board of the Beauty Cluster, the main Spanish cosmetics, perfumery and personal care cluster in Spain, has appointed Mary Carmen Muiños as the new vice president of the entity. With this new appointment, all decision-making positions on the Board are now held by women for the first time in a national association in the sector.

Currently the presidency is Eva Lluch (Lluch Essence), in the vice-presidencies are Elena Grau (EG Active) and Mary Carmen (Pierre Fabre) herself, the secretary is Mar Casquet (CosmeticsinMind) and the treasury is Denia Martínez (Carinsa). Marta Soler (PharmexCare) recently joined as a representative of the entity in Madrid.

Hasta la fecha, Mary Carmen Muiños ha desempeñado la posición de Vocal de la Junta directiva y “ser vicepresidenta del Beauty Cluster es una gran oportunidad de vivir los grandes retos del sector marcado por la situación del Covid, el cambio en las conductas de consumidores, de empresas y de los colaboradores relacionados con el teletrabajo. Estamos ante nuevas y diferentes formas de comunicación para apoyar la construcción de proyectos más enfocados al BtC que permitan incrementar el valor del clúster hacia los socios”, declara Muiños.

To date, Mary Carmen Muiños has held the position of vacal of the Board of Directors and “being the vice president of the Beauty Cluster is a great opportunity to experience the great challenges of the sector marked by the Covid situation, the change in consumer’s behavior, of companies and collaborators related to online working. We are facing new and different forms of communication to support the construction of projects more focused on BtC that allow increasing the value of the cluster towards the partners ”, says Muiños.

Mary Carmen Muiños has a degree in Pharmacy and Law with two Masters, Marketing and Health Economics. She has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry of which the last 8 have been in the dermocosmetics sector. Her professional experience in these two sectors is consolidated in leading companies such as Novartis and Pierre Fabre and in areas of Latin America and Europe. Currently, she is a Marketing Director at Pierre Fabre Ibérica of the group’s dermatological brands, some of them as emblematic as Klorane, René Furterer, ADerma and Ducray.

The Beauty Cluster thus continues with its policy of providing dynamism to the Board of Directors, cyclically rotating its positions, which gives all companies in the sector the opportunity to actively participate in the different decision-making bodies. Companies from the entire value chain of the sector, the different concerns, types and sizes of companies are represented on the Board, and they represent all the areas of Spain in which the cluster has associates.