Date: September 30 – from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Place: Online


Profiles, departments, professionals who can benefit from the contents of European funds.


Come and see how you can take advantage of the European funds of the Next Generation EU plan, intended for business projects with high transformative potential.

The Next Generation EU plan was created as a lever to build the Europe of the new generation, promoting projects that involve structural change and that have a lasting impact on economic and social resilience, sustainability, long-term competitiveness and employment.

The session will be divided into two parts, first a talk on the situation and perspective of recovery funds and second a round of questions to the speaker.


Mariona Sanz y AusàsMariona was born in Barcelona in 1970, graduated in General Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1993), Master in Law and Administrative Organization from the Pompeu Fabra University (1994), License en Économie Europèene from the Institute Superieur d’Études Européennes of the Free University from Brussels (1995) obtaining the European Integration Grant from the Catalan Pro Europe Board. She took a Finance course for Executives at ESADE (2015).

Sanz has been the director of Girbau LAB and strategic marketing of the Girbau Group (leading company in the production of industrial laundry solutions) since May 2018, director of the Innovation Unit of ACCIÓN, Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Generalitat of Catalonia ( 2013-2018), Industrial R&D Manager of ACCION (2011-2013) and Head of European Programs of ACCION (2005-2010). Head of the Research Office of the Open University of Catalonia IN3 (1998-2005). Consultant in European Financing to ALEPH (Local Economic Promotion Consultancy) (1996-1997) and Technical European Financing to the Catalan Association of Municipalities (1995-1996).