20 MAY | Beauty Cluster and Alastria team up to boost blockchain

Madrid, May 20, 2021. Beauty Cluster and Alastria have formalized a strategic alliance to drive innovation with blockchain technology for companies in the cosmetics, perfumery and personal care value chain.

As a result of this alliance, a first phase of analysis will be launched to find all the applications that blockchain technology has in the sector and in which the main cosmetics companies will participate. To give more strength to the agreement, the Beauty Cluster of Spain joins as a full partner in Alastria to be part of the more than 500 companies that drive the business and industrial application of this technology.

This alliance is a unique opportunity to explore blockchain innovation and its potential for our sector. The competitiveness of our industry depends on discovering, understanding and implementing all the technologies that can be disruptive and we are convinced that blockchain will be one of them“, says Ivan Borrego, CEO of Beauty Cluster.

We celebrate the adhesion of the Beauty Cluster to Alastria, we are excited about the work plan that we have planned together collaborating also, with our partner Inlea and more specifically with its president Xavier Simó, with whom we personally highlighted the relevance of Alastria’s collaboration in the Digital Beauty Awards that will take place next September 23rd. We congratulate the Cluster for this initiative and encourage all our expert partners in the development and use of blockchain technology in the presentation of innovative solutions and be clear candidates for the awards that have high notoriety“, adds Montse Guardia, CEO of Alastria.

Beauty Cluster’s trust and close collaboration with Alastria also reinforces the association’s strategy to bring the development and benefits of blockchain technology to more and more business sectors in the international arena.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in general, is one of the innovations with the greatest potential for the economy and society since the advent of the Internet. These technologies have an enormous capacity to transform business processes and models in all business sectors.