06 JUN | The perfume sector celebrates its first major event of 2021

Barcelona and Teià, June 6, 2021. The province of Barcelona has been the world epicenter of perfumery during the celebration of the second edition of Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW), the IV International Perfume Competition – Mouillette d’Argent, the III Barcelona Olfaction Congress (BOC) and the IV Maridatge dels Sentits. A great set of online and face-to-face activities around perfume, olfactory science, the pairing of senses and the culture of beauty created in collaboration between the Beauty Cluster, the Teià City Council and Ainea Perfums. In addition, the event has had the sponsorship of companies in the sector such as Iberchem, Eurofragance, Rafesa, Lluch Essence and Cosmo International Fragrances, and with a long list of collaborators, including the main national and international communication media in the sector.

From May 28 to June 5, these activities have brought together more than two thousand people, both in exclusive and restricted in person events (adapted to the current health regulations) and through a modern online platform, which has allowed everyone to attend the talks and conferences. A massive event that has attracted participants from more than 25 countries, who have mainly participated virtually due to the current restrictions on travel.

According to Eva Lluch, president of the Beauty Cluster and CEO at Lluch Essence: ‘The Barcelona perfumery week, together with events such as the international competition, the scientific-technical congress or the Maridatge is a great opportunity to promote the perfume industry and project it internationally. It allows to know perfume as a cultural element closely linked to our country. The general public can discover the importance of the sense of smell and the industry can project the importance it has for the economy and for society “

III Barcelona Olfaction Congress (BOC)

The Barcelona Olfaction Congress has celebrated its third edition with the participation of national and international experts of recognized prestige who have dealt with areas such as: olfactory science, sustainability in the perfume industry, future changes in regulation (IFRA), the impact of Covid-19 on people’s olfactory capacity, pres-biosmia or the latest technical and scientific advances. Exceptional speakers have participated such as Josep Roca (Celler de Can Roca), experts from the European Space Agency (ESA), who have dealt with the smell of planets and space, or experts from Yale, the University of Cornwell or the University of London among others.

II Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW)

The Barcelona Olfaction Week or ‘Barcelona Perfumery Week’ was born in 2020 as a way to expand the activities of the congress towards the general public. It seeks to project the universe of perfumery and the culture of beauty, generating spaces for dialogue between professionals and non-professionals. In the 2021 edition, it has been limited by restrictions when it comes to holding face-to-face events and has focused mainly on online activities. More than 1,000 professionals and those interested in the perfumery universe have connected during the days of the event to a platform, where they have been able to enjoy activities and workshops such as the one given by Bettina Perison (Eurofragance) on how to make perfumes with elements that we have in our homes (shared activity with the Maridatge). Other contents have also stand out, such as: a round table on sustainability organized with the magazine NEZ, innovation in 3D printing in the field of perfumes developed by HP or a very interesting conference on the intellectual protection of perfumes with Pedro Dias, founder of the Portuguese brand Comporta Perfumes.

It also standed out within the Barcelona Olfaction Week, the presentation of the official perfume of Spain for the Expo Dubai 2020 (postponed due to the pandemic and which will finally be held in 2021). The perfume has been developed by the Iberchem company and presented during the BOW at the Ayre Rosellón Hotel in an exclusive announcement for media and professionals in the perfume industry. Also, in addition to the other specific activities, it also distinguishes the meeting point in Barcelona promoted by Cosmo International Fragrances in its new facilities.

IV Maridatge dels Sentits (Teià)

Like every year, perfume, eno-gastronomy and culture have gone hand in hand in the municipality of Teià, through a complete series of activities promoted by its City Council. Workshops and informative activities on perfumery have been developed, and the exhibition “El perfum és la joia” (CMC La Unió – Teià) has stood out, in which the 16 finalist perfumes of the Contest have been exhibited. The photographic exhibition ‘Mirant les olors’ that could be visited in Ca l’Antiga de Teià has also stood out. As a novelty in this edition, the Beauty Cluster has collaborated with the development of an olfactometric study of the population of Teià. The study, coordinated by Dr. Josep de Haro Lícer (renowned expert in sensoriality), consisted of determining the olfactory profile of the inhabitants of Teià based on the recognized miniBAST-6 method (part of the BAST-24 system) .

Also an highlight in the Maridatge program were Chef Yolanda Bustos’ workshop or the round table with the writer Rafel Nadal inspired by his book ‘Mar d’estiu’.

In addition, all the restaurants and pastry shops in Teià have prepared dishes and desserts with the olfactory note of the year, the violet.

IV International Perfume Contest – Mouillette d’Argent (Barcelona-Teià)

The great final act has corresponded to the awards ceremony of the International Perfume Contest. In this fourth edition, 112 perfumers from 25 countries had been presented and the finalist perfumes have been voted by the general public both in Barcelona (Isidro Cosmetics, Las Toppetes and Perfumeria Vall), as in Teià in the exhibition ‘El perfum és la joia ‘and in Ca l’Antiga (Teià), which is the official venue of the contest.

The winners were known at an exclusive gala at Ca l’Antiga (Teià). The jury were composed by great experts in perfumery, gastronomy, art and culture, highlighting the presence of the master perfumer D. Rosendo Mateu, the Sommelier César Cánovas, the perfumer Ernesto Collado or the interior designer Susana Cots. In addition to choosing the best perfumes, an additional contest is also held with students from the ‘Talent Creatiu i Empresa’ program of the Generalitat de Catalunya who designed the Maridatge dels Sentits posters, the Perfume Contest and the packaging of the winning perfumes of each edition.

In person participation in the gala was limited by the restrictions of the pandemic and was broadcast in real time so that all interested parties could follow it online. Also, given the international profile of the finalists, a large screen was set up where finalists could connect with the gala and be part of it from their different countries of origin.

In this edition, the jury of the Contest has awarded the prize for the best creation to the perfume Hana Matsuri by Yasuyuki Shinohara (Japan) and the prize for the best independent perfume to Violet Saffron by Max Rossa (United States). Finally, the audience award went to Appalachian Blue by Celine Guivarc’h (France). In addition, an honorary prize was also awarded, awarded by the Beauty Cluster, to the trajectory that went to Gloria Prats for her determined support in the creation of the International Contest since its birth, as well as for the impulse in the creation of the Beauty Cluster itself.

The president of the jury, the master perfumer Rosendo Mateu, announced that the rose will be the olfactory note for the 2022 edition of the Contest and based on which perfumers must create their perfumes to compete for the precious award.

The main collaborators of the event, as well as the jury, were gifted by the Beauty Cluster with the winning perfumes of the 2019 edition, by perfumers Daniel Pescio (France) and Sandra Iruela (Spain). The gift is part of a limited and numbered collector’s series of 500 units of each perfume.

During the awards ceremony, it was also presented the first long-term training in perfumery and its technical-commercial applications to be held in Spain, promoted by the Beauty Business School (training entity of the Beauty Cluster).

Finally, the event concluded with an institutional dinner in which the jury, perfumers, sponsors and collaborators were able to strengthen ties and start thinking about the 2022 edition, where in person activities will be the dominant element.

The organization of all these activities around perfume, olfactory science and the culture of beauty has allowed the perfumery sector to meet again after 18 very complex months, in which the ‘International Perfume Competition’ has become 2020 and in 2021 in an oasis for the sector where you can take a breath, meet in person and start planning the projects that will take you back to the path of growth.