PHB launches its 360º campaign #sonreíresfácil

April 9, 2019. PHB, a laboratory specializing in the care of people’s oral health, has launched its biggest campaign 360º # easy to read for all people who want to take care of their oral health and have a nice smile. The objective of the company is to reposition the brand and increase its notoriety.

With this campaign, the laboratory defends that health habits and oral care have to be easy to understand, not only in their own way, and why the consumer is placed at the center of their communication. The desire of PHB is that it is easy for all of us to have a healthy and beautiful mouth, and, therefore, that it is easy to smile. “The brand is fresh, dynamic and practical because we want people to enjoy without problems the fact of sounding every day for the little things, the ones that really matter, like the” I like you a lot “smile, the” good morning “smile or “Finally it’s Friday!”, says Victòria Puig, Corporate Category Manager.