June 13, 2018. The Beauty Cluster Barcelona has held the session “Registration of Cosmetics in China and Market Data”, which has been attended by more than 80 professionals of the sector interested in the potential offered by this market to develop new opportunities for deal.

The day has had presentations from different profiles related to the Asian market. In the first place, Ernesto Caccavale, general director of business development of Alibaba Group of Spain and Portugal, explained the possibilities offered by the country and why its attractiveness for Spanish companies.

Next, Estefanía Solanes, representative of the Chinese-Spanish Commercial Office (O.C.Ch.E), spoke about the characteristics of the cosmetics and beauty sector in China and the profile of Chinese consumers who buy Spanish products. In addition, Solanes explained the current weight of Spanish brands in the Chinese market and the opportunities it can offer to local companies.

The day has counted the intervention of the expert in regulation and registration of cosmetic products in China, Jolin Chiang of Beijing Alan Business Solution, who has talked about the different steps that companies must follow to launch their products within the Chinese market and the entry barriers that can be found by the idiosyncrasy of the country and its culture of consumption.