Technical conference in which will explain how can affect to the companies of the cosmetic industry the transversal regulation of to term of 2018 and what companies are forced to register his substances according to REACH. The impact of imports of raw materials from outside the EU and in the manufacture of finished cosmetic products will also be addressed.

Directed to all companies in the cosmetics industry, so that they can know their degree of affectation against the REACH Regulation and what impact it can have for the term to May 2018.

The REACH 2018 horizon for the cosmetics industry – Does it affect my company?

  • The REACH & CLP Regulations
  • Roles in the supply chain
  • Obligations
  • REACH Registry
  • Registration exemptions
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Sanctions regime

María Martínez, is Technical Director of ServiREACH, S.A.
International Expert in Toxicology by the Official College of Chemists of Seville and a degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Barcelona

Day: 21 March
Time: 9:30 – 11:30
Place: Oficinas Beauty Cluster Barcelona

Limited places (25 entries)

Exclusive BCB members