In the Barcelona Olfaction Week framework, an International Perfumery Contest is developed.


  • Competition aimed at professional perfumers of any nationality wanting to promote their creative skills.
  • The competition will be held annually as part of the event in Teià entitled “Maridatge dels Sentits” (Pairing of the Senses).
  • All perfumers may compete with more than one perfume provided that these include the essence or olfactory note selected for each current edition of the competition and comply with the requirements specified in the section entitled “Sending samples”.
  • The olfactory not will vary from year to year and coincide with the flower, plant or olfactory note chosen as one of the main themes of the Pairing of the Senses event.
  • The jury will be presided by Rosendo Mateu and comprise a group of experts from the world of perfume, design, gastronomy and the winners from 2019: Víctor Aldea, Agustí Vidal, Irene Gisbert, Ernesto Ventós, César Cánovas, Charo Moreno, Susanna Cots, Daniel Pescio and Sandra Iruela.
  • There will be two Silver Mouillette prizes: Jury Prize and Audience Prize.
  • The jury will choose one of the two winners and will select the 12 finalist perfumes that will compete so that one of them can win by vote of the general public.


  • Both prizes will be awarded during a public ceremony at Ca l’Antiga Culture Hub on Saturday, 23 May 2020 in the afternoon and all competition participants are invited to this event.
  • Registration is mainly reserved for contest participants, organisation members, BOW sponsors, members of Beauty Cluster Barcelona and other event collaborators and partners.

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