Barcelona will host the Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW). BOW has been created with the vision of projecting Barcelona as an international hub for the sense of smell and its interrelationship with areas such as gastronomy or art. Perfume, olfactory science and culture will coexist in different sensory, knowledge, experiential and informative activities that will take place in both the city of Barcelona and in towns with a long tradition in perfumery such as Teià  

The initiative was born thanks to the joint work of the Beauty Cluster Barcelona with Ainea Perfums and Teià Council. For several years, they have promoted activities such as the Barcelona Olfaction Congress, the International Perfumery Contest (Mouillette d’Argent) or The Pairing of the Senses which include cultural, gastronomic and sensory activities.  

The BOW will bring together these activities and others that will be organized in collaboration with the main companies, experts and academics in the field in order to provide an annual space for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the world of scent that will allow the participation of both general public and industry.  

In addition, the Ernesto Ventós Foundation will participate with a competition for young visual artists who create works related to the world of scent. There will be an institutional dinner, a meeting point of personalities, a perfumery showroom, seminars, the presentation of specific training in the field of perfumery developed by the Beauty Business School and the Chemical institute of Sarrià and a contest for students who will design the best packaging for the winning perfumes of the Mouillette d’Argent contest 

Some of the most relevant activities: